My name is legion ...

... for we are many

How to help me ?


I need your help to promote my :


free live show, saturday the 28th of november 2020
from 21:00 to 23:00 paris time - 12PM to 2PM SLT


This event will be streamed from my studio to :

  • the web radio of my website
  • Second Life


This event defends a couple of causes :

  • 10 years Paris Obscur
  • For culture
  • For live shows
  • Against gloominess and loneliness
  • Against multiple sclerosis
    • (all the donations on the web page or inworld during the show will be offered to the research against multiple sclerosis)


You can easily help me make this event a great, splendid, unique event.


I love creating alone, but when it comes to spreading the news and promoting, alone, I am nothing.

There are many ways to help me promote the event and turn it into a huge success. Dozens of people are already doing it, considering their available time and motivation.


If you want to be a part of this huge project, here are a couple of simple actions you can do :


Level : very easy


Level : easy

do the above actions and :


Level : tenacious

do the above actions and :

  • share ALL the posts we publish on Facebook, every day


Level : expert

do the above actions and :

  • contact all your family members, your friends, your colleagues, your neighbors ... individually, 1 by 1, through text message, email, phone, social networks to motivate them to be a part of event
  • share this page around you so that every contact you have knows exactly what to do to promote the event the best way possible



  • do a donation, the D day, for the research against multiple sclerosis


You can also help in other ways :

  • if you have ideas about the event and think they are good
  • if you have contacts into press, culture ...


don't hesitate to tell me about it !

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